PD in the time of Covid-19

Professional Development days have always been a late-summer feature at HDCH, as we join together for two days as a united staff learning community. HD’s theme of 20-21 is Care. Mr. Todd emphasized that student well-being and the quality of the student learning experience is our primary shared purpose. We continue to focus on caring for students and connecting them to God’s call in their lives.

Practically, pandemic protocols and implementation of these has been a focus of our PD sessions. Teachers are actively preparing for the new reality of teaching 150-minute classes and incorporating remote learning within a Covid-19 context. Staff sat in rows, masked, as students will be. Workshop leaders modelled different kinds of brain breaks and movement breaks, which will be so important this year. 

Unerringly, HDCH staff is focused on caring for each student, engaging in deeper learning and balancing curriculum expectations, in this time.

On Wednesday, all staff spent the day in Professional Development, and today, teachers continued with a focus specifically on instruction. (Not pictured below: the mid-afternoon ice cream break!)