CARE Campaign

CARE Campaign Update

Thank you HDCH community for supporting the 2020-2023 CARE Campaign.

Generous donors have already provided $17,000 in funding support, which is designated towards our most urgent CARE project — replacing roof section 7 and the 30-year-old HVAC units. 

Our call is to raise  $633,000 to meet our 2020 goal to complete accessibility upgrades to the front entrance and elevator, as well as the roof. 

The CARE Campaign has 3 focus areas: CARE for people, CARE for our building, and CARE for our environment. You can find out more here.

Thank you for caring. 

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone… Galatians 6:9-10

Making Strides for Tuition Assistance

Making Strides Update

Today is the last day in which participants are MAKING STRIDES for Tuition Assistance.

There are so many great stories to share about this initiative that brought 53 people to move in different ways and raise funds!  Twenty participants were HDCH staff and twenty-five were students.  We are grateful also to the 8 individuals from our support community who participated as well. These individuals are alumni, parents of alumni and even a grandparent of alumni!

Through our community’s generous contributions, we more than tripled our original goal for a total of $31,625 raised so far!

The campaign page will remain open for a few more days so that those who pledged contributions can still log in to do so.

We would like to congratulate the TOP Fundraiser – Arlene Bennink, alumni and past parent who hiked more than 100km for HD and raised $13,125 in sponsorship!  Arlene posted beautiful pictures from the forest and included beautiful prayers for HDCH on social media.  “My prayer for students is that they will always look to God for his perspective and strength and that they will look around them to see how he calls them to be agents of renewal and advocates for justice in this world.” 

In another prayer, Mrs. Bennink quoted 1 Timothy 4:12 and reminded students not to let anyone look down on them for being young.  Coincidentally, the second and third place participants did not let their age stop them from Making Strides and raising funds for HDCH either.  Arie Van Eek, aged 88, walked laps around his retirement home twice a day and raised $6,500 for tuition assistance.  Jake Plantinga, aged 70, retired and longest-serving HD staff member, ran more than 110km and challenged younger participants to surpass him – putting the fun in fundraising!  Mr. Plantinga raised $1,727.01 for tuition assistance!  As a result of that challenge, Mr. Todd ran an additional 10km with Mr. Plantinga and they took the opportunity to express their thanks to our support community in a video.

The top fundraising team was the Knights soccer team.  As they were “Making Touches for Tuition” they raised $4,780!   

If you didn’t participate and want to be involved, there is still one more chance!  Mr. Apers invites you to join the last leg of his bike tour of HDCH communities. He’ll be riding from the old HDCH campus on Athens Street to the current campus. If you want to ride along, meet at Immanuel CRC at 3 pm this Friday, June 19!

On racism in the US, Canada, and HDCH

Events this week in the United States, following the killing nine days ago of George Floyd, an unarmed, handcuffed black man, by police in Minneapolis, have rightly provoked a lot of emotion, thought, and self-examination amongst Canadians and many other nations.

As a Christian community, we understand that every person bears God’s image (Gen 1:27) and is therefore of infinite value, worthy of honour. We also understand that Christ came to break down the dividing walls of hostility between us, reconciling us to one another and to God (Eph 2:14-16). And we understand that we are one in Christ, that, in Christ, there is no division on the basis of race, gender, or economic status (Gal 3:28; Jas 2:1-9). Yes we also know that our world is broken and in pain. Racism, racial injustice, and race-based privilege are very much present in our society AND in our small Christian community, and they are an offense to God who called us to love our neighbour as ourselves, and to lay down our lives for one another.

HDCH is a community united not by a racial identity, but by our faith in Christ and our desire to follow him. And yet, almost every student I have spoken to has either witnessed or been on the receiving end of racist comments or actions. None will admit to saying or doing racist things themselves, and few seem to understand or acknowledge white privilege. So how do we live out our mission “…for lives of service to God” and our vision for HD students to be “a faithful presence in the communities that they serve”? How do we respond to what we see happening in the US and in Canada, to the pleas of our brothers and sisters who tell us of injustices, indignities, and violence that they suffer daily?

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some of the things God calls us to do.
God calls us…

  • to examine ourselves, our own hearts, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 11:28; Ps 139:23-24);
  • to recognise, confess, and repent of our own sinfulness and greed that contributes to the mistreatment of others, and to confess the sins of our community and our nation in the past and the present (2 Chron 7:14; Neh 9:2; 1 Jn 1:9);
  • to humble ourselves, to listen and learn from God, and from our brothers and sisters (Prov 11:2; 12:15; 13:10);
    to educate ourselves: to seek to learn and understand (Prov 18:15);
    to lament the brokenness and pain that we see around us: “weep with those who weep” (Rom 12:15);
  • to pray for our leaders, for those who are mistreated, and for an end to unfair privilege and favouritism (1 Tim 2:1-2; Jas 2:1);
  • to pray for God’s kingdom to come, for the only true and lasting transformation that begins in us with the Lordship of Christ, the Prince of Peace (Mt 6:10; Is 9:6).

As we encourage one another to listen and learn more, here are some resources that I have personally found helpful in understanding my own hidden prejudices and privileges:

A short video talk: Letter to a White Man (recommended to me by an HD student)

An article: White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack 

And one of my colleagues on staff recommended this book to me, so I have some reading to do:

Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation by Latasha Morrison

There are also some more resources on their website:

May God bless each of us on our journey to learn and grow and know His heart for all people!

Duncan Todd, Principal
Hamilton District Christian High

Alumni Update

No matter your connection to HDCH, we are a community, and our hope is that we can learn from and support each other.

Whether you have words of encouragement to share with students and staff during remote learning, tips on how to stay active or productive while at home, or simply tell us what you’ve been doing lately, we want to connect.

Prayer requests will be included in our staff devotions and words of encouragement will be posted in Edsby to bless our school community!

Connect with us here >>

Virtual Membership Meeting

We are delighted that over 100 people (90+ members!) joined us over the course of the meeting, and 67 remained for The Voice Q&A about remote learning. Thanks so much to those of you who joined us.

The 2020-21 budget, which included a 1.5% tuition fee increase, was supported by 95% of those who voted. This strong mandate allows staff and Board to carry forward an approved framework with the knowledge of our membership’s firm support. The membership meeting package, including the budget, is found here in case you’d like to read more.

Especially through these difficult times, we look forward to your continued partnership and support as together we cultivate the character of our students through learning for a life of service to God. The meeting included an open discussion on remote learning. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch. Your questions and feedback help us to improve our students’ learning experience.

We also discussed building renewal and repair projects underway for 2020, including the very urgent need to replace a leaking roof section. If you wish to learn more about either the projects or the associated CARE Campaign, please do get in touch with Sandra Baker, Director of Advancement, 905 466 0237, or me. We recognize that many members of our community are faced with economic challenges and uncertainty, yet we also want to ensure that you are aware of these projects that are necessary for accessibility to and continued operation of our school.

Other highlights from the meeting included the affirmation of a new Director to the Board: Marty Speelman is a member, a future HDCH parent, and someone who brings a passion for Christian education as well as experience in Board work and project management to the Director role. We’re grateful for his willingness to serve. As well, Aaron Schat has completed 3.5 years as a Board Director, having filled the role of Chair for the past year and a half. We’re so thankful for his thoughtful, selfless leadership.

It is so encouraging to us as a staff team to have such an active and committed group of supporters who care so deeply for the students and staff at HDCH. If there is anything we can do to support you, or if you have any questions, please feel comfortable to reach out.

While our building is closed, our school is very much open—and the good turnout and participation last night showed again how true that is.

Duncan Todd, Principal
Hamilton District Christian High

Answering the Call to CARE

You may have heard that HDCH has a leaky roof.

The heating and cooling equipment on the roof is 30 years old, well past its useful life.

People who use canes, crutches, scooters and wheelchairs have a very hard time using doors and the elevator.

CARE Campaign

The CARE Campaign addresses these urgent needs, and includes additional roof and environmental work over the next three years. In total, the community is being called to support this $1.675 million CARE Campaign.

We invite you to consider how you may wish to participate in this three year journey.

Thank you.
Donate now | Learn More | Contact Us | Pray | Advocate

God Deserves the Glory
Special Thank you! Several visionary donors have come forward to CARE. Some have given single donations, some have pledge to give each month. On Tuesday, we received our largest gift to date of $5,000. The donor, requested anonymity, saying “we are merely vessels and God deserves all the Glory.”

To learn more, contact:

Sandra Baker, Director of Recruitment & Advancement
Hamilton District Christian High
905 466 0237 m

Tuition Assistance & CARE

Last week was our first week of remote learning at HDCH, and we’re delighted with the way our students have stepped in with their characteristic enthusiasm. One student remarked,

“My experience with E-Learning so far has been wonderful. The way you can talk to teachers face to face is amazing. I know it is not the ideal circumstances but in my opinion we are making the most of the situation.”

We are staying focused on our mission of cultivating character in these times.

While we are looking positively on our rapid move to at-home learning, I am connecting today to ask for your help, if and as far as you are able. The current reality may well have hit some of you hard financially, such that you may not be in a position to help in this way. If that is so, we pray that you too will experience God’s provision and care. For others, we seek your consideration, in two ways, at this time.

Tuition Assistance Fund
Our tuition assistance fund is about 75% of the way to our annual goal. It’s wonderful to be at this place, and we ask for your support to get to the finish line. As financial hardships are on the rise, we anticipate growing need for Tuition Assistance. We believe it is important to ensure that finances are not a barrier for those families seeking Christian education at HDCH. May I invite you to donate to this fund today?

Donate Today >>

CARE Campaign
At our Special Membership Meeting on 10th March, our membership unanimously approved Phase 2 of our “CARE Campaign” (caring for our building, people, and creation). Over the summer, we plan to:

  1. Replace roof (section 7 only) and associated HVAC units
  2. Modify the front entrance and install a LULA lift system, all for accessibility.

The accessibility upgrades will make a life-changing difference for those with mobility challenges. The total cost for all this work is $675,000. We hope to raise this without the need for costly bridging credit. May I ask you to consider giving to this campaign today?

Donate Today >>

Please feel free to contact me or Sandra Baker, our Director of Recruitment & Advancement, directly by email ( 905-746-7961/ 905-466-0237). We’d love to discuss these two needs with you.

Every gift of every size is most gratefully received. Thank you!

Yours in Christ,

Duncan Todd, Principal
Hamilton District Christian High

Student Learning Conferences

Collaborating for Student Success ~ CANCELLED

Student Learning Conferences provide many opportunities for student growth by
  • engaging students in goal-setting, self-assessment, and reflection
  • encouraging students to be active participants in their own learning
  • opening up dialogue between parents, students, and teachers
  • deepening understanding about the student’s experience while in class
  • cultivating relationships between students and teachers that foster a sense of belonging

See also: Parents FAQ

Check Us Out

We continue to be encouraged by our steadily growing enrolment for 2020-2021. We are grateful for the number of inquiries we are seeing from families across the region. We want to be sure to offer a Christian education to as many families as we can.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in our school as an option for their child, please suggest they come to Check Us Out 2020.

Check Us Out 2020 ~ Feb 27

Here’s what’s happening

  • Teacher/Student Guided Tours ~ hear two perspectives!
    • 7:15
    • 7:30
    • 7:45
    • 8 pm
  • Refreshments in The Grove
  • Ask Questions
  • HD swag for every prospective student who Checks us Out

Questions and our Answers about:

  • Application forms
  • Course selection
  • Tuition payment plans
  • Academic, social and cultural aspects of life at HD

Application portals will be open. Come and get comfortable at HD!

Please contact our Director of First Impressions, Kris Slootweg or at 905-648-6655. Kris will be delighted to book your tour time and answer any questions you may have.

God’s work at HD

It is wonderful to see new students applying to attend HDCH this coming September. Whether they live locally or internationally, and whether they are entering grade nine or beyond, each one is God’s masterpiece, and each will be a blessing to our school community.

It has also been a joy to meet many new-to-HDCH families, who have little or no prior knowledge of our community. Filled with questions of discernment as they tour through our school, they often express amazement at what they hear, see and feel about the students, staff, building, and community that they are considering for their child’s next steps in education.

An area that often draws surprise is our practice of Project-Based Learning (PBL). For many of us, PBL is our way of inspiring learning, and connecting the learning to the heart of our mission: lives of service to God. We can sometimes forget that it is an innovative approach to learning that is not as well known beyond our walls. It’s wonderful to share PBL with prospective students and their families. Quite often the comments we receive from parents are, “We didn’t have that when I went to school, but I sure wish we did — it makes so much sense!”

And, while our enrollment numbers are positive, we want to be sure to offer a Christian education to as many families as we can. If you know of anyone who might be interested in our school as an option for their child, please have them reach out to me or to our Director of First Impressions, Kris Slootweg (

Thank you for all you do to support us, to bring new students to our school family, and to spread the story of God’s work at HDCH.

Duncan Todd, Principal
Hamilton District Christian High

Life Skills Pathways

Eat, Give & Be Merry! ~ March 28th


Ticket Sales for the Spring Fundraiser Dinner Eat, Give & Be Merry will be available soon and plans are underway for another wonderful evening, showcasing student learning, delicious food, and community.

Each year, our spring dinner event raises funds that directly support student learning. And this year is no different. In September 2020, we are launching a Life Skills Pathways Initiative. This Initiative is designed for students with cognitive disabilities, so they can thrive as members of the HDCH learning community through specialized programming. We seek to give all children an outstanding education, and we believe we are called to offer this initiative to ensure Christian education is accessible to all HDCH families.

The dinner will be catered by Nellie James Catering of Nellie James Food to Go. Their delicious menu was also featured at this event last year. We will share examples of student work and invite you to participate in interactive activities preceding the dinner. Once again, a selection of raffle prizes and Silent Auction items will be available for your consideration as an additional means for you to support this fund.

We hope you will support the event and purchase your ticket at the early bird rate of $80 by March 13.

To learn more about additional support opportunities, such as a table or event sponsor, please contact Sandra Baker at or 905-648-6655 x 122. If you can contribute an item or experience to the Silent Auction or Raffle or for more event details, please contact Tina VanDyk 905-648-6655 x 110.