What about Food?

There are a few food-related details of which you should be aware. Some of our practices are different this year.

Allergy Aware
One thing that isn’t different: HDCH is an allergy aware school. Students may not bring in food or drink that contain or may contain peanuts or tree nuts. Thank you for helping protect members of our community with serious allergies.

Don’t Share
We ask that students not share food or drink with each other. Each student should eat what they have brought from home or bought from the cafeteria; hand hygiene before and after eating is encouraged. This is an important way we can help stop the spread of Covid-19.

We encourage students to bring a water bottle from home. They are permitted to keep it with them and drink as needed, so long as they only adjust their mask during the time they are actually drinking. Water fountains will be used to fill water bottles rather than for drinking.

Snacks & Relax
Students will have a few minutes to eat a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Teachers will let them know when they are able to do this, since it necessitates that they take off their mask.

Images courtesy of Mrs. VanderVelde’s Food & Nutrition class, 2019-2020.

Students will eat lunch in their morning class or outside. Students with a morning spare may eat in the cafeteria. They have up to 15 minutes to eat lunch, masks off. Also, students are permitted to leave campus for lunch, provided they follow masking and distancing protocols as they travel and enter food establishments.

Students may stay in their morning classroom through the lunch hour if they prefer not to go outside; they will need to wear their masks for the remaining 45 minutes of the lunch hour.

Please note that shared microwaves and vending machines will NOT be available.

Knights Eatery
The Knights Eatery WILL be open at lunch hour only, for now, continuing to serve hearty and reasonably-priced meals.

Chef Nathan will have prepackaged lunches ready to sell. There will be a main course, pizza, salad, and drinks available each day!

The Eatery has been reorganized so that the only touch point is when a student is handed their food. There will be one socially-distanced line and one way through the Eatery. Students must wear masks until they get outside or go back to their classroom to eat.

At this time, we the Knights Eatery will accept debit or prepaid cards only. No cash, please. If you’d like a prepaid Knights Eatery card, please contact the office. We can send a card home with your child, and you can load it online by credit card.

Knights Eatery Menu Sept 8-11

Daily: Pizza slices, salad

Tuesday: BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Wednesday: Cheesesteak Sandwiches

Thursday: Mac n Cheese

Friday: Rib Sandwiches

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