The First Day(s)

First of all, verify which day to come!

  • Tuesday, September 8 – Last Names A-L
  • Wednesday, September 9 – Last Names M-Z
  • Thursday, September 10 and following – Everybody

Arrival & Departure Times; Entrances and Exits

We ask that students not arrive before 8:30 am and leave by 3:30 pm at the latest. If your children must come earlier or leave later, please contact Cheryl Webb at for further information.

Students will be entering and exiting the school based on where their classes are; when they enter at 8:30 am, they need to go straight to their morning classroom. We’ll start outside the first day (see below), but keep an eye to Edsby tomorrow; we’ll put room assignments in the “School Talk” group.

Please remember that students must
wear masks in the school building.
If a student has a medical exemption,
we require a doctor’s note in advance
so we can work out alternate PPE
and/or distancing measures.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Welcome Tent

If you forget everything else we say here, remember this: the first week, there will be a staffed Welcome Tent by the front entrance of the school. (You might just see Mrs. Bloemendal and Mrs. Slootweg!) If you don’t know where to go, if there is anything you need, they will be happy to help.

Where to Start the First Day

Remote learners, we look forward to welcoming you virtually! Look for a communication tomorrow from Vice-Principal Sara Whetstone, who will let you know what your start will look like.

Beginning at 8:30 am, morning teachers will be outside ready to meet their students. They will all have signs so they are easy to find. Here’s where to look by grade:

  • Grade 9 Classes Soccer field: the end closest to the road
  • Grade 10 Classes Soccer field: the end closest to the school
  • Grade 11 Classes & Co-op students The field by The Grove (new addition): the side closest to the parking lot
  • Grade 12 Classes & Spare Field by The Grove (new addition) – the side closest to the road
  • New Students Grade 10-12 By the flagpole

Teachers can’t wait to welcome our students and connect (outside, distanced) in a way that will allow students to remove their masks if they feel comfortable to do so. They will spend a bit of time out there getting to know their classmates before staff run through some safety protocols, they all mask up, and go into their classrooms together.

We are going to start outside like this unless there are thunderstorms or torrential rain, so if it looks a little wet, please bring an umbrella or raincoat.


Getting to and from school is more challenging for some families this year. We have a family looking to share carpooling from Dundas (York Rd and Cameron Ave area). If you are interested in this, or looking to carpool in another area, please drop us a line at

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