Covid-19: Form Reminder, Protocols & Attendence

We look forward to seeing our students in person or online very soon! The health, safety and well-being of students and staff is our top priority as we reopen. To provide the safest possible experience for all in-person staff and students, every member of our school community needs to take proper precautions to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. For this reason, we require all families who will have one or more students learning in-person at HDCH to complete this form by their start date.

Click here to read & complete the form if you haven’t already.

In the form, we reference Ontario’s online Covid-19 symptom self-assessment tool, which is handy for the required daily self-assessment. Or print out this PDF of the self-assessment and put it where you’ll see it often, like on your fridge or next to your front door.

To read more about how HDCH is addressing the challenge of Covid-19 through our protocols, see our website.

Attendance & Illness

As is noted in our Covid-19 Return to School Commitment Form, there are stricter guidelines in place for when students and staff need to stay home. This is part of how we can protect each other and continue to carry out in-person learning.

Should your child fail the daily self-assessment, here is what you need to do:

  1. Keep the symptomatic child at home. (Public Health has told us that siblings, if symptom-free, may still come to school.)
  2. Email or call 905-648-6655 to report the absence.
  3. In your communication with us, please note what symptom(s) your child is experiencing. It is important for us to keep track of this information so we can be vigilant should a cluster of symptoms appear.

If your child exhibits symptoms at school, they will be isolated for the protection of their peers and staff members. We will call you or your child’s emergency contact to pick them up as soon as possible. We can’t send them home by public transportation or school bus if they are symptomatic.

Please note that while some symptoms will always require a student to stay home (e.g. a fever), there are some symptoms that may be a result of another previously-identified condition. For example, a student with a ragweed allergy may experience nasal congestion through September. If this congestion is consistent with what is normal — if the symptom is not new, unusual, or worsening — then the child may still be at school. If this is the case, please let us know at so we can inform their teachers.

If your child stays home due to Covid-like symptoms, you have three choices for how to proceed.

  1.  Arrange for a physician assessment; a doctor can decide if testing is not necessary and provide a note (i.e. symptoms are due to different causes). Your child may return to school 24 hours after symptoms resolve. OR
  2. Get tested; if the result is negative (and your child is NOT a close contact of a suspected/confirmed case) they can return 24 hours after symptoms resolve. If positive, they must be excluded for a full 14 days. OR
  3. Do not get tested; but then they must isolate and be excluded from in-person learning for a full 14 days.

If a member of our school community were to test positive for Covid-19, we would work closely with Public Health by providing attendance and contact tracing information, and we would be guided by them to determine next steps.

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