Getting Connected

Starting September 8, the campus will be open to students and staff only, except in exceptional circumstances. At this time, we ask parents not to come into the school building during the school day so that we can limit exposure.

So how do you keep up with what’s going on around HDCH, and how do you get in touch? There are several ways!

  1. UKnight – This newsletter is going to be weekly this year. We’re changing up the content and working to focus it on what you need know. If you are getting this email, then you’ll get an email every time we publish a new UKnight. In the Covid-19 era, keeping an eye on UKnight will help you and your student stay safe and thrive in the HD family. 
  2. Edsby – New parents and parents of new students should have received an email invitation to join Edsby, our secure online learning management system. (There is more about Edsby here for new families.)
    This system is a great tool for communicating with teachers and finding out what’s going on at HDCH. If you haven’t received an invitation or have any issues getting connected, please contact Kris Slootweg at
  3. Email – You can always reach Kris Slootweg at If you aren’t sure who to ask, she’ll answer your question or connect you to the person who can. All staff email addresses are (e.g.,, etc.)
  4. Phone – While we’ve been working remotely, our voicemail is checked multiple times a day. Once we are back in the office full time, you can reach the main office at 905-648-6655.
  5. Virtually – Like last spring’s Membership Meeting, we hope to run some of our events virtually this year. As well, staff may meet with parents via Zoom if a nearly-in-person connection is needed.

We’re grateful for your partnership in your children’s education, and we look forward to connecting with you.

Important Dates

As we noted before, key dates for the school year (including remote learning days) are on our Google calendar. We’re working on our popular fridge magnet calendar and hope to have it for you soon!

Remote Learning
Thanks to those of you who have let us know your intention to pursue learning remotely for Quarter 1. If you’re still considering this option, please either fill in this form TODAY to let us know for sure, or contact Sara Whetstone with your questions at For those of you who have already chosen this option, our staff will be in touch soon! We look forward to staying connected with the remote members of our learning community.

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