Covid-19 Protocols

In order to provide the safest possible experience for all in-person staff and students, every member of our school community needs to take proper precautions to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. 

As you may be aware, it is possible for people not exhibiting symptoms to transmit the virus; for this reason, we cannot guarantee that Covid-19 will not be contracted at HDCH. But together, we will do everything in our power to limit the possibility for infection.

We are doing this through many means, including:

  • running quarters instead of semesters to limit the number of contacts
  • additional cleaning, including mid-day cleaning of high touch areas and washrooms; end of day anti-viral misting, and cleaning of desks and chairs between classes
  • encouraging proper hand hygiene practices by making hand sanitizer readily available throughout the school, and encouraging its habitual use
  • requiring that parents and/or students prescreen daily before coming to campus, and stay home (perhaps to learn remotely) if they exhibit any symptoms
  • sending home any students or staff who exhibit symptoms at school

Please note that all staff and students are required to wear non-medical masks while in the school building, other than for very short duration during lunchtime or when they are outside. If your child has a medical exemption from mask-wearing, we require a doctor’s note stating that. We want to ensure we can then put other measures in place to protect them and their peers and teachers.

We’ve posted some key elements of our Covid-19 protocols here on our website. One responsibility of which you particularly need to be aware is the required daily pre-screening. It is not possible for us to screen all students for Covid-19 symptoms when they arrive at school each day; we ask that your student, or you with your student, complete a screen each morning before coming to school. An online screening test can be found here and takes just a minute or two to complete. 

If your child fails the screening, then they are required to stay home that day. Please call or email the school to let us know, and if possible note what their symptoms are. Please note that if a student exhibits Covid-like symptoms at school, they will be isolated and a parent or emergency contact will have to come and pick them up. 

Arrival & Departure Times

Because we are working to limit student contacts, they are no longer able to hang out in public areas indoors at school.

For this reason, we ask that students not arrive at school before 8:30 am. At that time, they may be outside or they may enter through the doors closest to their morning class, and go directly to their classroom. Likewise, in the afternoon, students need to leave school by 3:30 pm at latest.
If for some reason your child must arrive earlier or leave later than that, please let us know at and we will make arrangements for where they can safely be, masked and distanced, in the school building.

What if someone in the school develops Covid-19?

We are in communication with Hamilton Public Health about our Covid-19 protocols and plan. Should someone in our school test positive for Covid-19, it is likely that Hamilton Public Health will know before we do. We will work together with them, providing contact information so they can test and trace, and cooperate if they wish to come to school to see our procedures first-hand.

There is no specific rule about what would happen next; Public Health will determine if other school community members might need to isolate or be tested, and they are the ones who would contact you if you might be affected. 

Here are some Covid-19 resources you may find useful:

How to self-isolate or self-monitor.


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