Survey Results and FAQs

We’re grateful for the outpouring of love and support that many of you expressed for this school. It’s clear from your responses that our community holds many different perspectives on what is important and necessary. Here are the themes and questions that were most prevalent.

You asked for clarification about the following questions:

  • How will we create and promote community and fun in the context of social distance and cohorting?
    • Our school theme this year is CARE. Our desire is that each person who attends HD, whether in person or remotely, will feel cared for as a valued member of our community. Our teachers are focused on providing ways to stay connected and to make their classrooms places of belonging. It’s a big part of what makes HDCH such a good place to learn and grow. 
    • Our Student Council will continue to plan events that will build community and create fun while keeping safety first!
    • Larger gatherings will be virtual — like virtual assemblies live streamed into classrooms.
  • Will there be extracurricular activities?
    • At this time, we will not be running any in-person extracurricular activities because reducing the total number of student contacts is a key part of our Covid-19 plan. Some extracurriculars may continue in a remote way, on a case-by-case basis.
    • For this reason, late buses will not be running, at least for the first half of the school year.
  • What kind of device should my child bring to school?
    • We are encouraging students to bring a device that they can use for school work. Our IT staff recommend a device that can be used for accessing the internet and that allows for basic keyboard entry for assignments and work, such as a laptop or Chromebook. An iPod or cell phone would likely be quite limiting as a device for a longer period of time. Much web-based student work will continue to be accessible through Google Classroom and Edsby.
    • We will be increasing our WiFi capacity to support the increase of devices in the building. Our IT staff will be available, as always, to trouble-shoot connectivity to our network. 
  • How will we create high expectations and provide high support for adherence to safety protocols?
    • This is a team effort and will rely on strong cooperation between school and home. At home, students need to pre-screen for Covid symptoms daily. It will be critical that students and staff remain at home when experiencing any Covid-like symptoms, such as those described in this self-assessment. In such a situation, the option of temporary remote learning should enable students to keep up with their classes during periods of absence. Students who arrive at school exhibiting symptoms will be sent home.
    • As you can imagine, there are a lot of protocols we are putting in place for the safety of our students and staff: hand hygiene, distancing, mask-wearing, movement restrictions, etc.
    • We will be clearly communicating with students what the expectations are. As a staff, we will be modelling the new normal of how we are together. We will be clear that students must wear masks when they are in the school building, other than when they are eating. They will have opportunities for mask breaks outside during the lunch hour and, at times, during outdoor class breaks.
    • A staff working group is meeting to look at the systems and practices to support distancing and to manage the movement of people through the school to limit contacts. More information on these procedures will be following next week.
  • How does lunch work?
    • Students will eat lunch in their morning classroom. At this time, we are not able to provide access to microwaves as we are doing our best not to share resources. For some larger classes, some students may leave to eat in a location that allows for 2 meters of distance while masks are off.
    • After they eat lunch, students will be able to go outside for the duration of the lunch hour if they so choose. They may also choose to remain in their morning classroom.
    • The cafeteria will still be providing fresh-made lunches. These will be prepackaged and distributed in a touch-free way. Stay tuned for more information about this.
    • Please note that vending machines will not be in operation.
    • Students may leave campus at lunch hour should they choose to. We expect that they will adhere to distance and masking protocol where public guidelines require it.
  • Without lockers, what do kids do with their stuff?
    • We encourage students to limit, as much as possible, the amount of stuff they bring to school.
    • Having two classes at a time reduces the number of books and supplies needed.
    • If a class leaves for an outdoor break, we will ask teachers to lock the door to limit access by others.
    • Individual classroom teachers will create routines for where to store outdoor gear and personal belongings.

If you haven’t read them yet, be sure to check out the Parent Message and September Ready: Information for Students!

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