September Ready: Information for Students

Here’s how HDCH is helping you get September Ready!

  • Timetables – You’ll be receiving your 2020-2021 class timetables in the next week or so. Returning students should be able to see their courses in Edsby next Tuesday. New students, we will send you a hard copy of your timetable and some other pertinent information by mail next week.
  • Student Services Support – If you have a question for Student Services regarding your timetable and possible changes, you can make an appointment. Staff will be available for 10-minute time slots on the following dates. Click HERE to book. 
    • Wednesday, August 26 between 10 am and 4 pm – Zoom calls
    • Thursday, August 27 between 4 and 7 pm – in person outdoors at HDCH, weather permitting
    • Friday, August 28 between 9 am and 12 pm – Zoom calls
  • Textbooks – Textbooks will be signed out for you and delivered to your respective class during the first week of school. If you still have a textbook at home from last year, we ask that you bring it on the first day of school and give it to your homeroom teacher. Notifications will be sent home to students who have overdue textbooks/library books.
  • Wardrobe Resale – We’re thankful that our amazing volunteers will be running an HDCH wardrobe resale outdoors on Thursday, August 27 from 4-7pm, or as long as supplies last. Here’s what you need to know:
    • Where – Outdoors at HDCH (Unless the weather is bad; we’ve reserved Tuesday, Sept 1 as a rain date, just in case.)
    • What – Gently-used HDCH wardrobe items
    • How – First come, first served; pay by debit or credit only. (Sorry, no cash at this time.)
    • Considerations
      • Please wear a mask to protect our volunteers and each other.
      • Unfortunately, trying on clothing items will not be possible. McCarthy’s size charts will be available, and you can always check sizes ahead of time on the McCarthy’s website.
      • Depending how busy it is, you may need to wait your turn in a distanced line. We’ll try to keep things moving as best we can.
    • If you have resale items, please bring them along; we’d love to have them for a future sale!
  • School SuppliesYour teachers will let you know any course-specific requirements for the classes you take Quarter 1. But everyone should bring:
    • Pens/pencils
    • Paper and binders or writing pad
    • Electronic device (see Survey Results & FAQs for more info)
    • 2 Non-medical face masks
      • Students need to bring a mask to be worn whenever they are in the school building, other than when they are eating. (Which will be allowed at designated times.) We encourage students to have an extra mask with them in case their mask gets damp or needs to be replaced part-way through the day. Please see more information about face coverings here.
      • A couple of helpful hints for mask-wearing:
        • Try out masks ahead of time and try to find one that is as comfortable as possible.
        • Practice wearing your mask ahead of time. Have a conversation wearing your mask; leave it on for an hour. It takes some getting used to!
    • A small container of hand sanitizer (We will have sanitizer available in each classroom and throughout the school, but it’s wise to have some, just in case, for personal use.) Please do not bring highly-scented sanitizers, such as Bath and Body Works.
  • Remote Learning – Students may choose to learn from home this semester. Here are some details about what to expect if remote learning is selected:
    • Classrooms will be equipped with webcams and mics so that students can participate in live-streamed lessons with their classmates. Remote learners will be able to ask questions in live time or via the teacher’s online learning platform (Edsby or Google Classroom). Each teacher will set up a system that works for their subject and needs.
    • Remote learners will be expected to track along with the class and to participate in all assignments and activities. They will have opportunities to engage with the whole class, to collaborate with small groups on remote documents and projects, as well as to work independently.
    • If you are choosing remote learning for your family, please fill out this form to let us know by Thursday, August 27 so we can prepare. If you have any questions, please contact Sara Whetstone at

Mark your calendar – The school year calendar looks a bit different this year. Breaks at Christmas and March are unchanged, but PD days have moved around a bit. You can view the calendar here. Also, please note that about every three weeks, all students will have a remote learning day without synchronous instruction. Those days are indicated on the calendar, as well.

If you haven’t read them yet, be sure to check out the Parent Message and the Survey Responses & FAQs!

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