Visual Devotions

Some of our Visual Arts students created and shared visual devotions with our whole school community on Edsby School Talk. Here is some of the beautiful work we got to enjoy!

Carly SluysThis is my small devotional art on Ruth from the Bible. I decided to use watercolour for my visual and paint around the writing. The birds flying away are symbolic to how Ruth had to let go of so many things in her own life and I painted blue irises to symbolize Ruth’s journey as the flower can mean both hope and faith.

Ruth – by Carly Sluys

Alyssa DeVries – This is my devotional for Harriet Tubman. I made a collage using maps of all the places she went in the US to rescue enslaved people, overall rescuing upward of 300 people using the underground railway. I used tea to age it with some splatters.
The painting is what I envision Harriet was talking about when she recalled how she felt as she escaped into the free state of Pennsylvania: “When I found I had crossed that line, I looked at my hands to see if I was the same person. There was such a glory over everything; the sun came like gold through the trees and over the fields, and I felt like I was in Heaven.”
I used watercolour and some acrylic paint for the painting.

Anonymous – Saint Valentine is a hero of the faith because of the way he fought corrupt powers under Christ’s guidance, and inspired people to fight for those they love. We don’t know much about Valentine’s background, but according to most myths and stories, he was a priest who officiated the marriage of couples in the sight of God. He was a very compassionate and loving man who dedicated himself to bringing couples together. So his call to adventure came when the current Emperor at the time, Claudius II, outlawed marriages.

Trusting God despite a threat of death over his head, Valentine continued marrying couples in their homes instead of the Square to avoid a commotion. Still, news got out soon enough, and Valentine was arrested and locked up. There he met the daughter of the jailer, a lovely girl named Julia who brought him food every day. She had been blind for many years, and everyone who knew her, including her bitter, aged father, saw her as useless for everything but delivering lousy food. But Valentine saw her worth as a child of God and taught her about the Lord Jesus Christ.

He showed her Christ-like love, keeping joy in his heart, and as the days stretched on, the two talked more and more. Since Julia couldn’t see, Valentine described colours and flowers and everything he remembered. The next day, Julia brought him his favourite flowers. That was the day Valentine told her he had been praying for God to restore her sight, and that was the day he did.

Valentine led Julia, and her family to Christ through God healing her, but sadly, this miracle did not affect the Emperor. That day, when Valentine was on trial, he was asked to and refused to renounce his faith and stop performing marriage ceremonies, so Claudius condemned him to die on February 14th.

Over the years, February 14th has come to be known as a day to remember and appreciate our loved ones. Though its true meaning, however unacknowledged, is a story of faith and devotion to our Lord, Jesus Christ. God can take even the most intimidating times of our lives and turn them into something beautiful that impacts the world for centuries to come, and I think that’s beautiful.

My artwork was supposed to ere on the symbolic side of this assignment, using one of those old fashioned marriage arches I guessed might have been around in Valentine’s time. I put designs of love on the pillars to demonstrate this. In the middle, I have what are supposed to be broken down prison bars, showing how Valentine broke Christians out of prison, and that nothing can stop God. The vines represent new life through Jesus and marriage, and the heart in the background is self-explanatory. I enjoyed this project, and I loved learning more about St Valentine’s journey.

Saint Valentine, Victorious! – Anonymous