Quarantunes: The Quaratine Album

The Senior Vocals Class, taught by Mr. Vanderwoude, has been working on a project called “Quarantunes: The Quarantine Album.”

Students selected songs from a list comprised mainly of Musical Theatre, Folk Song, Art Song, or Standards. They learned their music and sent their Mr. Vanderwoude recordings for feedback, going through a few cycles or recroding and critique (including their own self-critique) before doing a final recording.

Students said that they grew musically because of the attention to detail required and the opportunities for self-reflection throughout the cycles of performance. They also learned a lot about recording and the editing and technology side of music.

According to Mr. Vanderwoude, the biggest challenge was getting on the same page, musically, while never being able to work together directly. Even so, students expressed a lot of gratitude for all they learned through the experience.

Listen to “Quarantunes” here!