Learn It, Live It in Kinesiology

The Introductory Kinesiology class has been working on a project called “Learn It, Live It”. Students were challenged to craft a question that both interests them and relates to the subject of Kinesiology. Some examples of questions that students posed are:

  • How can I teach my brother to kick a soccer ball with his non-dominant foot?
  • How can I turn hiking into a full-body workout?
  • I rarely ever eat breakfast, would I actually notice a difference if I ate a healthy breakfast?
  • What factors contribute to improving my balance for horseback riding?

Next, students completed the “Learn It” section through research and analysis of their chosen topic. Secondly, students were challenged to “Live It” by attempting to integrate their project into everyday life. Examples of how the student’s lived out their projects include:

  • a week-long yoga program aimed at improved flexibility and athletic performance
  • replacing unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks and journaling about the process
  • trying various forms of exercise in order to lessen the symptoms of migraines
  • engaging in morning workouts to try and boost energy levels throughout the day

It has been great to observe the student’s high level of engagement in their learning as they attempt to answer questions that are relevant to their health!