Distinction Awards

Every year, we give extra-curricular awards to recognize the ways HDCH students contribute outside of their classes. Students are nominated for their Community Spirit, Leadership, and Excellence. (You can see the slideshow of all the recipients on Edsby School Talk.) A few students who are nominated in all three categories are recognized with the Distinction Award. We’re so proud of these young people and we’re grateful for everything they have contributed to life at HDCH!

Omine embodies school spirit in every way. Not only is she involved in roughly a hundred student groups, but she is also committed to helping and exciting her school community as much as possible. She is a big dreamer and works hard to make sure those dreams are realized. She is often eager to make school announcements for student council, and advocates for activities to be relevant and fun for the student body. As one of the editors of the yearbook, Omine was part of the creation of the theme, the cover and the design details and regularly gave feedback and encouragement to the group. Omine has given hours of her time to multiple clubs and groups including SAT, costumes, choir, make-up, yearbook along with volunteering at school events as both a spokesperson and a worker. Thank you for pouring so much of yourself into extra-curricular involvement, Omine! You have made a difference in our school.

Hannah is the consummate team player. She pursues excellence for the group, but she also works deliberately to create unity through her encouragement of others and her willingness to put the needs of the team ahead of her own. She knows that the strength of the team lies in making sure everyone feels valued and connected, and has an important part to play. She has been actively involved in Student council, track, choir, worship team, drama, leadership team, and cross-country. The ambitious extra-curricular running group that met this year was her initiative and she really helped to bolster the numbers on the team. Hannah meets each task with diligence, dedication, and determination, and she shows amazing team spirit. She has an ability to bring out excitement and authenticity in those around her. Thank you, Hannah, for making HDCH a better place through your extracurricular involvement!

Providence has contributed to many extracurriculars at HD, including student council, assembly team, choir, praise team, Deeper Bible study, and drama. This year, she worked with Mr. Webb to lead the junior praise team, sharing her enthusiasm, her love of God, and her love of worship. Providence is an encourager who was able to lead our junior praise team members as individuals to help create a strong worship team. As a student council president, Providence has been a key part of planning and implementing school-wide activities that are inclusive and fun. Providence is able to guide meetings with a careful balance of flexibility and purpose. In choir, she has been a leader in the alto section, always setting a good example with her focus and commitment. Providence has been an active member of Assembly Team and has contributed to planning and organizing thoughtful and creative assemblies. Thank you, Providence, for your leadership and dedication to extracurricular life at HDCH.