Greetings from HDCH

With protests in the US and Canada in response to recent events that have highlighted racial inequality, our responsibility as a Christian school is to make sure that we are listening, learning, and growing as we guide our students to discern God’s heart in this. Our Principal, Duncan Todd, spoke about this in the school devotions on Monday morning, and today posted this message “On racism in the US, Canada, and HDCH” to our students in School Talk. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to read it and discuss it with your children.


It is always a bit surprising to flip the calendar to June and see the finish line so close. This spring has been a time of stretching ourselves, and the results have been both blessing and burden. It is our hope that we wrap up this school year with a sigh of relief and a prayer of thanksgiving on our lips.

To that end, here are some important considerations for you and your family. Read further for details about the end of this year (Attendance, Academic Progress, Year-End — including locker clean out), as well as next year (“Looking ahead to September”).

If your child will be missing class for work or other reasons, it is important to let the office know. With five classes remaining in each course, many students will be working on final tasks and summatives. It is in the student’s best interest to follow up with the classroom teacher so as to stay on top of final due dates and deadlines. This also allows teachers to support students to achieve their best results. To alert the office, feel free to enter a planned absence for your child on Edsby or contact Kris Slootweg via or leave a voicemail at 905-648-6655. Expect a follow-up from Kris if your child is absent without notice.

Academic Progress
Our desire is for all students to experience success even throughout the roller-coaster of remote learning. Our teachers have continued to provide high quality learning objectives to motivate students while committing to ongoing support. In light of new information received on June 1 from the Ontario Ministry of Education, we are making decisions about the way reporting will take place for this semester. An updated reporting procedure will be available on Friday.

As always, if you are concerned about your child’s progress, please feel free to contact the classroom teacher or Student Services for more information.

End-of-Year Details

Final Assembly
Wednesday, June 17, 10 am.We will be closing our year together via a live-streamed assembly. We would love for you to join with your whole family to celebrate another year of God’s faithfulness to HDCH. More information about how to tune in to this event will be shared closer to the date.

Graduate Drive-Up Processional
Save the date! Friday, June 26.  To celebrate our graduates, HD will be hosting a Drive-thru Graduation to present diplomas and awards and to cheer on a generally awesome group of young people. We have worked with local authorities to ensure we do this in a way that protects everyone’s health and honours Health and Municipal requirements. Details to follow in a separate email to families of graduates.

Locker clean-out
June 17, 18, 19 and 22, there will be an opportunity for students or their parents to retrieve personal belongings from the school, clean out lockers, and return school property such as textbooks, library books, team uniforms, technology, and musical instruments. Safety and distancing protocols will be in effect and supervised by staff. Sign up for your time slot HERE. The event code is yggjk.

Looking Ahead to September

We have started planning for various scenarios of how September might look, pending an announcement toward the end of June from the Ministry of Education. Our hope is for a full return to campus, although we also need to be prepared for a return with restrictions that limit the number of students in the building at any one time. This could mean a hybrid schedule, potentially with alternating days for students. In addition, we have to consider the possibility of restrictive measures that impact bussing, athletics and other extra-curriculars. Furthermore, in whatever format we are back on campus, we will need to make accommodations for staff and students who have vulnerable or immuno-compromised family members.

We also need to be prepared for the possibility of further full campus closures (hopefully brief) during the year if a second or third wave of Covid occurs.

We intend to be as fully back on campus as our public authorities allow, whilst prioritising the safety of our students, staff, and community. This means that we will observe all necessary protocols for social distancing, protective wear, health monitoring, sanitising surfaces, and any other contagion-prevention measures. We are confident that, with time to prepare over the summer, our teachers and support staff will provide the best possible Christian learning experience and care for our students in whatever scenario we face, whether fully on campus or with restrictions.

Thank you for your continued support for HDCH. We are a community of people who love our school and know that its strength lies in our shared faith and love for one another. We continue to place our trust in the God who goes ahead of us and to follow with faith and hope. See you at our closing assembly.

The Leadership Team