CARE Campaign


Tuition Paperwork

As we continue to prepare for September, we ask that new and returning families complete and return your tuition forms as soon as possible, as the due date was May 29. If you have questions, please contact our Director of Finance, Sherry Osinga, at  905-648-6655 x111.or

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Alumni Connect Contest

During the last week of May we engaged with alumni over social media and invited them to enter a contest by completing a Get Connected survey. The survey gave alumni the opportunity to provide an update on what they have done since high school and to share encouragement with staff and teachers and share an update on what they have done since high school. Our community was blessed by their words.

My time at HDCH was deeply impactful & equipped me to do so much of what I did in university & what I continue to do in my work today. [I am thankful] for the investment and encouragement [I received from staff] and so many other students – it is deeply appreciated. I’m so grateful for the clear mission of HDCH – to cultivate character through learning for a life of service to God – and am grateful for the ways I watched teachers & administrators live that out, particularly as I reflect on how I should live it out in times like these.” ~Anonymous

Thank you to all who participated! Although the contest has ended – the survey remains available on our website. We love to hear from alumni at anytime!

Congratulations to the winners of the draw! Lee-Ann Voordenhout ’94, Melissa Koning ’07, Victoria Searle ’09.

Care Campaign

How Will We

  • Stop the leaking roof?
  • Ease entry into the building for people of all abilities?
  • Allow anyone –even in a wheelchair– to get the second floor unaided?
  • Improve our care for our corner of God’s kingdom?


We are on a 3-year. $1.675 million journey–our CARE Campaign–where together we will restore and invigourate our cherished building.

May we invite you to engage in a conversation about how you could support this endeavour?
Please call or email Sandra Baker,, or 905-466-0237

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