Remote Classroom


In senior drama class this semester, we spent the first weeks of school working on a project to be shared at the Spring Fundraising Dinner. It was a selection of personal stories that highlighted how members of our class had felt like they were “on the fringes” but then found a place of belonging at HD.

The stories were nearly ready for performance when life as we know it came to a halt, so they were never shared. Because they are beautiful and meaningful, we wanted to give you a glimpse of them in this format.

Hollie Stronks’ Story:
When Hollie was in elementary school, she struggled to find friendships that were true and real. Continue reading >>

Vocals Class

Mr. Vanderwoude produced accompaniment tracks for each voice type and sent them to students in his Vocals class. The students practiced with the track then recorded themselves singing while listening to the track with headphones (to keep it synced). Mr. Vanderwoude has mixed all the tracks with the accompaniment, and here is the beautiful result of the virtual choir.

We invite you to listen to the vocals class singing May it Be.


Grade 11 math students are going outside to experience where math can be found in nature. Students study the famous Fibonacci Sequence by going outside to examine some plants, such as a pinecone, a pineapple, or just how leaves are spread out on plants. This then leads to the concept of the Golden Ratio. The golden ratio is used almost everywhere in human civilization and history, found in architecture, design, aesthetics, logo, photography, human body etc. Through this fun and interactive lesson, students gain an appreciation of nature and the amazingness of our creator.