Answering the Call to CARE

You may have heard that HDCH has a leaky roof.

The heating and cooling equipment on the roof is 30 years old, well past its useful life.

People who use canes, crutches, scooters and wheelchairs have a very hard time using doors and the elevator.

CARE Campaign

The CARE Campaign addresses these urgent needs, and includes additional roof and environmental work over the next three years. In total, the community is being called to support this $1.675 million CARE Campaign.

We invite you to consider how you may wish to participate in this three year journey.

Thank you.
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God Deserves the Glory
Special Thank you! Several visionary donors have come forward to CARE. Some have given single donations, some have pledge to give each month. On Tuesday, we received our largest gift to date of $5,000. The donor, requested anonymity, saying “we are merely vessels and God deserves all the Glory.”

To learn more, contact:

Sandra Baker, Director of Recruitment & Advancement
Hamilton District Christian High
905 466 0237 m