CARE: A Core Value

When we conducted a fundraising feasibility study in the Fall to consider next steps with our facility development, the feedback from both staff and our parent and support community put a high value on care: care for students, care for our building, and care for our resources – material and natural. Our community felt that deep care for the wellbeing and growth of our students was both a core value and key strength of HDCH.

Now, as we consolidate our plans and look to the future, we want to keep God’s call to us to care for people at the centre of our vision.

On Tuesday evening (10th March), the Board has called a special Membership Meeting to vote on some facility maintenance (roof and HVAC) and development projects (accessibility and learning spaces) that we want to tackle this summer.

I hope you will come to the meeting, whether or not you are a Member, to hear and participate in our shared vision for our facility and our children. And I hope you will see in our plans the theme of care shining through: stewardly care for this building God has given us, and loving care for the people He brings us

Duncan Todd, Principal
Hamilton District Christian High