Athletics, Bridge Days & More


We had a busy week in sports …

On Monday, Feb 24 our Senior Boys Basketball Team won their challenge match vs Guido and went on to compete in SOSSA. They lost in a hard-fought semifinal game to Smithville.

Yesterday, our Junior Boys basketball team competed at SOSSA, and lost in the finals to a very skilled against St. Francis. Well done!


OFSAA Snowboarding
Last week the Boys Snowboard Team had a solid OFSAA event in Collingwood. When they arrived at the hill, the conditions were pristine with lots of fresh powder. In the team division, they placed 10th, and in the high school boys division,  Philip K placed 17 and Wesley V placed 34th out of 125 athletes. Way to go!

Our Senior  Girls Volleyball team competed last week as we hosted SOSSA. They lost in a hard-fought semifinal game to Smithville. Our Junior Girls Volleyball team played in their SOSSA tournament and lost a close game to E.L Crossley in the finals.  Great Job!

~ Aidan Z


The grade 11 Biology class visited Fennama Farms to take a tour of the farm and meet many animals including a baby calf born the previous day and plenty of the cutest kittens. During our tour, we learned about how genetics impacts the farm, saw a demonstration of how they milk the cows, watched their feeding system and discussed costs involved and what a day on the farm looks like.

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Areas that we explored in detail were genetics and how the farm breeds their calves, and animal diet and nutrition and the cost of feed and amounts of water and food they eat per day. We also explored how technology has impacted dairy farming. The farmers at Fennema Farms truly care for their animals and I am grateful for the experience to learn more about dairy farming and the science behind it. ~ Rachel Hambly

Faith Concepts

The Faith Concepts (Grade 11 Bible) and Christians in Society class were provided the opportunity to tour the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) on their first Bridge Day. A special guided tour focusing on the foundations of our faith from the beginning of Judaism – Christianity was the focus of our day. This experience included an informative lab time examining artifacts important to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The actual cost of this experience was donated to Bible classes across Ontario to attend and so we were very grateful to attend for free this semester. Shared by a student, “The ability to read a Torah that was handwritten over 800 years ago was both my highlight and unique experience.”

Coldest Night of the year

As a team from Christians in Society, we had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Coldest Night of the Year, by walking the streets of downtown Hamilton. Our goal was to raise awareness and money for the Salvation Army. This was an eye-opening experience hosted by a Christian church and the international charitable organization, the Salvation Army.

The vision of this organization reports that for every dollar donated to the charity, 81 cents go to the actual cause. The Coldest Night of the Year organized for downtown Hamilton is focused on running the outreach, support and care programs for this part of the city.

On Saturday, February 22nd we met homeless individuals who have benefited from this program. We also connected with HDCH alumni and neighbours all walking to make a difference. By the end of the walk, we felt so blessed to have a warm home and family to return too. This experience has encouraged us to find more ways to help and improve the lives of those living in our neighbourhood on a local and international scale. It was an experience that we will remember with our teacher, Mrs.VanderVelde.
Blessings, Ana van der Mark, Zach Dance & Renee Reid


Our team of fourteen individuals from HDCH is heading to Managua, Nicaragua this March Break to support EduDeo’s HANDS – Helping Another Nation Develop Schools program.

To prepare this team has been focused on various team-building projects within our school community to raise awareness, support, and funds for this trek. The students have organized different fundraisers at HDCH with the most recent being a pancake breakfast on Shrove Tuesday. The team started flipping pancake batter at 7:30 AM to be ready to serve breakfast from 8:30 – 9:30 AM in the morning for our school community. The team is very thankful for the support they received from Food Basics, Tim Horton’s and Gourmet Meats for this event! Thank you!

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