Winter Residency

Staff Conversations on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

On Thursday and Friday last week, our staff gathered for our “Winter Residency” – two days of focused professional development where we can dig deeply into a particular topic. When we mentioned in the last uKnight that we would be talking this time about SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) as it pertains to our student community, there was a range of responses from our school community. Some voiced their support that we were going to speak frankly about the marginalized experience of a portion of our student body. Others saw in it hints of a political agenda creeping into our Christian school. Some expressed concern that we might compromise our Biblical foundations for contemporary sensibilities.

Our staff, much like our wider school community, reflects a diverse range of theological, emotional, and intellectual positions on this topic, as we do on several others. Even so, we are united in our desire to honour and serve the Lord in all we do, to live in and teach obedience to His Word, and to love and serve faithfully every child-growing-into-adulthood that He brings to us here at HDCH. We all desire to see each one enter and grow in a living relationship with Him.

From that foundation of our shared purpose, we had rich and encouraging conversations, hearing and learning from each other’s perspectives. We are also becoming more aware of ways in which we can (unintentionally, by our language, our actions, our omissions, and our assumptions) hurt others and even “shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces” (Mt 23:13), alienating from Christ some who may thirst for Him most.

We intend this conversation to continue over the coming years and extend to include more members of our school community. Our hope, as we converse and learn, is that our posture to all our students might become one that is more Christ-like in accepting and loving each one, and walking beside them as the Spirit transforms and sanctifies each of us.

Duncan Todd, Principal

HDCH Leadership Team