God’s work at HD

It is wonderful to see new students applying to attend HDCH this coming September. Whether they live locally or internationally, and whether they are entering grade nine or beyond, each one is God’s masterpiece, and each will be a blessing to our school community.

It has also been a joy to meet many new-to-HDCH families, who have little or no prior knowledge of our community. Filled with questions of discernment as they tour through our school, they often express amazement at what they hear, see and feel about the students, staff, building, and community that they are considering for their child’s next steps in education.

An area that often draws surprise is our practice of Project-Based Learning (PBL). For many of us, PBL is our way of inspiring learning, and connecting the learning to the heart of our mission: lives of service to God. We can sometimes forget that it is an innovative approach to learning that is not as well known beyond our walls. It’s wonderful to share PBL with prospective students and their families. Quite often the comments we receive from parents are, “We didn’t have that when I went to school, but I sure wish we did — it makes so much sense!”

And, while our enrollment numbers are positive, we want to be sure to offer a Christian education to as many families as we can. If you know of anyone who might be interested in our school as an option for their child, please have them reach out to me or to our Director of First Impressions, Kris Slootweg (kslootweg@hdch.org).

Thank you for all you do to support us, to bring new students to our school family, and to spread the story of God’s work at HDCH.

Duncan Todd, Principal
Hamilton District Christian High