Join us to Celebrate

Tomorrow night is our Celebration of Learning.

I hope you will all come and see the beautiful work our students have been doing this semester. To us, beautiful work does not mean just pretty displays, but work that shows effort, perseverance, and depth of thinking and learning, work that connects to a purpose beyond themselves, that is permeated with God’s redemptive action in our world, work that is directed toward loving God and loving our neighbour.

You might have heard this summarized in the catch-phrase “deeper in and further out” – look for evidence of this in tomorrow night’s celebration of our students’ learning. Ask the students about their work that they share, why it matters, how they have been stretched and have grown through it.

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I hope you will see glimpses of what gives my colleagues and me, the staff of HDCH, so much joy and hope in what we do here: the cultivation of sound Christian character in our children, through their learning, oriented to lives of service to God.

Duncan Todd, Principal
Hamilton District Christian High