Exam Instructions


All exams start at 9am

  • Period 1 classes that have regular exams will write on Tuesday, January 21st
  • Period 2 classes on Wednesday 22nd
  • Period 3 on Thursday 23rd
  • Period 4 on Friday 24th

NOTE: In case of bad weather that results in a school closure, Monday, January 27th is kept as a reserve exam day. The Exam Day that is canceled will be rescheduled for Monday, January 27th.

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Study Mode
The school will be in quiet study mode, so many areas, including the upstairs and downstairs hallways, will not be open to student traffic. Please do not come to school if you are not writing an exam, unless you have a prior arrangement to meet with one of your teachers.

On the day of the exam, you need to:

  1. Come to school appropriately dressed according to the school’s wardrobe regulations.
  2. Proceed to the library to return course textbooks and pick up your exam entry ticket. Even if the course does not have a text to return, you still need to pick up an exam ticket in the library.
  3. Go to your exam location a few minutes before the exam starts.
  4. Leave backpacks, cell phones, and all electronic devices in front of the exam room.
  5. Go to your assigned seat. (Please note that the only refreshments allowed are water and unwrapped candy.)
  6. Be prepared to spend at least one hour in the exam room. You will have up to three hours to write.
  7. When you have completed, checked, and submitted your exam, please leave the exam room. If necessary, wait for friends quietly, and leave the building as soon as possible. The gymnasium will be open for playing after your exam.

Other Particulars:

  • Students who have officially been informed about writing in another location are to report to Room 122 at exam time.
  • In case of any absence, please phone the school office immediately. A doctor’s note is needed if you are sick.
  • For courses that do not have an exam, all textbooks should be returned before exam week. All missing texts must be returned or paid for before the start of the second semester on January 29th.
  • School bus schedules may be different during exam week. Students should connect with their particular driver about schedule changes.

Best wishes as you prepare!