Catching Up

International Business Students

Raspberry Pi Program
A few weeks ago our class took a short trip down to the EduDeo Ministries office, in downtown Hamilton, to hear about the different projects they are currently working on. We were shown how the majority of students in developing countries learn about technology and computers. Instead of an actual computer, they learn from a drawn photo of a computer. This is how these students are learning and we want to help change that. We are students from the grade 12 International Business Fundamentals Course, at Hamilton District Christian High School. This semester, we have been challenged to assist EduDeo in their upcoming projects this year. This year, one of their global projects is to bring the Raspberry Pi to schools in developing countries to further their education. This project will help us understand business on an international level from a not for profit perspective.

Learn more about the Raspberry Pi and the Pi Plan. The Brown Eyed Baker is partnering with us to sell packs of 4 mini cheesecakes for $20. A portion of every sale will be donated to EduDeo Ministries’ “Pi Plan” campaign.

If you would like to place an order or support our campaign you can either fill out an order form, which you can find in the HDCH office, or comment on The Brown Eyed Bakers post on facebook @thebrowneyedbakerandreadejong. 
On behalf of the Raspberry Pi(e) team, Esther DeJong


The transition from fall to winter means the transition from one sport season to another. After a successful fall season, the Knights are excited to transition to hockey, boys basketball, and girls volleyball. The seasons are all a game or two old already! Check the athletics calendar on Edsby for games and practices. Go Knights Go!!!

City All-Star Games ~ Tonight!

Tonight (Dec 11), Dylan Bremer, Noah Cooper, Brendan Vanderkruk will be competing in the Junior Boys Volleyball All-Star Match.

Also tonight,  Evan Bremer, Josh Glasbergen, and Bridgely van der Mark will be competing in the Senior Boys Volleyball All-Star Match.

Mohawk College ~ December 11th

  • Juniors start at 6pm
  • Seniors start at 8pm
  • Each game will have a small entry fee

Congratulations all! Go Knights Go!

Congratulations to Emma Schuurman who played in the Junior Girls Basketball All-Star Game last night at Glendale Secondary School.


Recently, HDCH sang at the Ryerson United Church Carol Service. They led the carols and performed three pieces, accompanied by a string trio, trumpet, and pipe organ. It was a fun evening of music and bible readings. Their contributions were highly appreciated by the congregation.


Two English 4U classes took a field trip to CLAC (Christian Labour Association of Canada) as a part of their language and media unit. What an amazing opportunity to dive into the communication life of an organization that is trying to live out its Christian calling in a complicated marketplace.

Christian in Society

The Christians in Society class is hosting an Adult-Peer Bible study this semester. We welcome parents, grandparents and Christian neighbours to our classroom on Thursday mornings at 9 AM – 10:19 AM to join our Bible Study that focuses on faith questions provided by the students in the class.

Our topics have included a focus on the Bible, communicating with God, prayer and this week we’ll focus on how to find peace and meaning in our life through our faith. If interested in joining please come on Thursday mornings. For further details please email

Integrated Arts

Students had the opportunity to mould, fire, and glaze handmade pottery. They learned a lot about clay techniques, particularly the need to saturate the clay with glaze in order to get a nice bright finish. The goal was to create a bowl that represented an animal, and the results were creative and beautiful!

Sticky Note Outreach

A new girl’s Bible study called Bridge Bible Study decided to do an outreach with sticky notes to enrich the sense of community within the school. The Bridge Bible Study group came together over a couple of lunches and wrote enough sticky notes to stick on every single student’s locker.

Written on the sticky notes were encouraging Bible verses and positive notes to brighten up each student’s day. These sticky notes reminded every student that they were loved, supported, and cared for by God and by the student body. The extra messages were stuck on the teacher’s workroom doors as well so that everyone in the entire school was included. These students worked behind the scenes to make everyone’s day just a little brighter this week
Blessings & thanks!

Venture 10 @Fennema Farms

Agriculture in Canada plays a key role in our economy and also in providing the food we need in our daily lives. As information technology and automation play a larger role in agriculture, this field also offers a wide variety of career pathways and opportunities in related fields.

Our Grade 10 Venture class spent an afternoon with Mrs. Janet Ringleberg at Fennema Farms to learn more. We learned about the business side of farming, the contributions of science and technology in her operation and some of the career pathways that connect to a modern dairy business. We also enjoyed some first-hand experience of daily routines in a dairy operation. Thanks to Mrs. Ringleberg for providing such an informative tour and warm hospitality for our Reach Ahead trip!