Welcoming New Board Members

HDCH Board Update

On Tuesday evening November 26, the HDCH Board met here at the school. The Board of Hamilton District Christian High stewards the vision and resources of the school through good governance and sound leadership. Board Directors act as custodians of the vision and mission, support and hold accountable the Principal, support and promote the school, and keep improving our vision for Christian education.

Last night was an opportunity to thank retiring Director Allan Buist. Allan served two terms (6 years!) on the Board, four of those years as Chair. We are grateful for his leadership.

The Board also welcomed four new Directors who were elected by Membership at our Fall Meeting: Lisa DeKok, Greg Kippers, Val Regnerus, and Will Wiebenga. We’re grateful for the range of experiences, expertise, and leadership that these folks bring.

In addition to dialogue around vision, the Directors determined Board roles for this year. Your 2018-2019 Board Executive is:

  • Aaron Schat, Chair
  • David Kingma, Vice-All
  • Trixie Zimmerman, Secretary
  • Will Wiebenga, Treasurer
  • Greg Kippers was elected Finance Committee rep. The remaining Committee positions will be assigned in the new year.As a community, we are grateful for the energy and time that these people invest in leading and guiding our school.

Liz Williams Bottinga Scholarship

The Liz Williams Bottinga Scholarship is awarded annually to four students who are in Grade 11 and 12, based on their Grade 10 and 11 final marks. This years’ recipients are Aaron Oppershauser (Highest Gr. 10 average), Owen Vanden Brink (Most Improved from Gr. 9-10), Sapphyre Smith (Highest Gr. 11 average) and Christa Allemang (Most Improved from Gr. 10-11).

The scholarship was established in 2008 in memory of Liz Williams Bottinga by her father Jake Bottinga. Liz was an HDCH parent who passed away while her son Ryan was a student. Jake was compelled to establish the scholarship out of appreciation for the care that Ryan received within the community of HDCH. Each year Ryan attends the Scholarship presentation and reception, honouring both his mother and the hard work of the recipients. We are grateful for this generous gift and the inspiration it is to students to excel in academics.

Congratulations to the recipients for their hard work, dedication, and accomplishments!