Non-Food Food Drive

The grade 12 English class delivered a donation to N2N on behalf of the students at HDCH. Their class raised the most dollars for the Non-Food Food Drive campaign aimed to provide fresh milk to those who need it.

“It was so inspiring to see the work Neighbour2Neighbour does. Their hard work and kindness are well noticed and it was obvious that they care very deeply about their work. Even if it’s a small difference in our world it is so amazing to see all the families they can help through their work and dedication to Hamilton.” ~ Meghan Bartels.

History at the ROM

Grade 11 History students traveled to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. The tour guide, Kathleen, was very engaging and informative, covering exhibits from Ancient Egypt to Ancient Rome. Below are a few ROM artifact highlights that students wrote about in an assignment:

“There is an Egyptian artifact called The Book of the Dead from 320 BC. This is significant because it helps historians and others understand and see the past. The information is given to see who died, and from what, allowing others to understand how advanced their technology was to prevent death. This artifact also contains religious beliefs, prayers, and songs that further the knowledge of Egyptian life and how their religion shaped their life.”

“The Athena Parthenos was a giant statue dedicated to the goddess Athena…The statue was obviously a very important symbol to the Athenians as it was depicted in many books, drawings, and written works. It helps us understand the ideology of the Athenian people as to how important their gods were to them.”

“A tetradrachm coin from Alexander III’s reign pictures Herakles on one side and his father Zeus on the other. Coins were a part of daily life in Greece, and while the Greeks did not invent currency, they were one of the first few civilizations to use it.”

out•of•our•MiNDS comes to HD

Grad students from the Neuroscience Program at McMaster University shared their time and expertise with the grade 12 biology class. In addition to telling us about their varied and fascinating areas of research, they facilitated four mini-workshops and a sheep brain dissection with the students.

For some, the highlight of the afternoon was wearing a band across their forehead and seeing their brainwaves on an app on a phone. For others, a highlight was hooking their arm up to electrodes and then making a claw function by contracting their muscles. The brain dissection was a learning experience for all as they cut through the corpus callosum to bisect the brain and reveal its inner structures.


Two of our Grade 9 geography classes set out to learn more about the city of Brantford as students prepare for the “Brantford Challenge“.

Our students have been tasked by Brantford city planners to reimagine one of three vacant lots in Brantford in order to create a more livable community. Students have been studying concepts around sustainability, stakeholders, urban sprawl, and transportation as they prepare to create their proposals. Our tour included the Mohawk Chapel of the Mohawks, the Colborne Street downtown corridor, the Brantford Cenotaph, the Bell Memorial monument, and Victoria Square with the statue of Joseph Brant in the middle.

Students were asked to reflect on their fieldwork tour. Their comments included:

  • I noticed a homeless man and thought of affordable housing

  • I noticed the wide streets in Brantford designed for cars rather than people

  • I noticed the cemetery at the church was more like our cemeteries – is this what Indigenous people would have done?

  • I wondered why sometimes we try to ruin old buildings and sometimes we try to save them

  • I noticed beauty in the buildings of downtown Brantford

We are excited to engage with our students as they prepare to create proposals that they will present at Brantford City Hall in December.

Canadian History

The Canadian history class ventured out to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. Students participated in a number of hands-on activities that included WWII codes and ciphers, airplane metalwork, and a Battle of Britain simulation. Our tour guides were very good storytellers who provided the students with a well-paced, engaging experience overall.

Phys Ed

The Grade 11 Sport Specific PhysEd class was treated to a day of ice skating at the Chedoke Twin Pad Arena on Tuesday. Our fearless leaders for the day, Justin Ouwehand and Aidan Ritskes, sharpened our skills in skating forward, stopping and skating backward. Everyone participated and had a great time. We ended the time off with a fun game of soccer on ice! Nice work!

International Business

The Grade 12 International Business class has been working alongside EduDeo this semester, learning about business fundamentals in the majority world from a not-for-profit perspective.

We are grateful for the time that EduDeo staff have shared with us so far. Students have visited the Barton St. office during bridge days to learn about the mission and vision of EduDeo, current projects and how to engage with communities in the majority world. They’ve also had the opportunity to meet with Marketing Director, Hannah Moerman and Design Specialist, Jenna Cottrill to learn about advertising and marketing, campaign management, and to receive feedback and tips on their own project design.

Jenna and Hannah challenged our class to think about the “Why?” of their projects, and keep that at the centre. Ryan Geleynse and Operations Director, Phil Beck, have also visited our class at the school, providing feedback for group projects and listening to students present their initial project proposals. Students are working on a variety of projects that compliment EduDeo’s current and ongoing work, including teaming up with the Raspberry Pi campaign and initiating Toonies 4 Toilets –keep an eye out for more information in the school and wider community as the semester continues!


Grade 9 English classes were visited by the Shakespeare in Action Theatre Company. The company, based out of Toronto, visited the school to present a workshop in line with the class study of Romeo & Juliet. The workshop was led by a professional stage actor and incorporated a series of acting, voice and text exercises in the 75-minute program. What a great way to bring Shakespeare to life at HD!


Another Master Chef Challenge took place with two teams competing for the first place title. Menu plans included.

A Taste of Thailand with fresh spring rolls for the appetizer, homemade Pad Thai for the main entree followed by mango pudding and fried banana wraps for dessert.

The second team prepared a Culinary Tour for their judges starting in Thailand with fried spring rolls to homemade chicken pasta fettuccine from Italy and ended in France with creme brulee for dessert.

Both teams did an excellent job as they worked together to expand their culinary skills! Bon appetit!


Over 25 years ago, City Kidz was started in Hamilton to serve the children in some of the neediest neighbourhoods in Hamilton. Each Saturday, hundreds of children are bussed to their state of the art Studio Theatre where both their minds and their souls are fed, with wonderful songs and stories based on gospel values, as well as a nutritious snack and a meal. Our Venture 10 class headed there on November 29 to learn more.

After a brief career pathway presentation about non-profits, we had a chance to put our skills to work in preparing Christmas gift packages for their adult and youth volunteers. We were also excited to see the recently opened new theatre space at the Burlington St. facility. It was a great way to spend an afternoon with the staff and volunteers at City Kidz.