Good to Know

In case of wintery weather

If you wake up one morning and the weather outside is frightful check for school cancellation notices in the following places:

  • Edsby
  • CHML 900 radio
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

If there is no cancellation notice, then come on in – we’re open!

Grade 12 Independent Study Day  ~ Nov 21

On Thursday, November 21, HDCH is hosting its annual Exceler8 Day where Grade 8 students are on campus to experience what life is like at HD. Hosting these students requires staff and space, and as such, Grade 12 students will be given the opportunity to dig deep into their work and projects with a self-directed, independent study day. This day is to be used for things like:

  • completing assignments
  • catching up on work
  • working on group projects
  • working on ongoing projects
  • conferencing with teachers (as available)
  • group study sessions

The library will be open and a computer lab will be available for students to use, should they wish to work here on campus. We believe this to be a valuable study opportunity for students, so the expectation is that if they are at school they are engaged in learning activities and in school uniform. Alternatively, students may choose to work from home. Many Grade 12 teachers will be available for part of the day. Students should double-check with any specific teachers they wish to connect with to determine that teacher’s availability.

Mid Term Reports for Semester 2

Midterm Reports will be available this week in Edsby. The purpose of midterm reports is much deeper than just providing a number that represents your child’s achievement. These reports also include feedback about learning skills (see Learning Skills Rubric pinned in Edsby School Talk for more detail), and reflections on student growth in learning and character. Teachers work hard to make the comments meaningful, both celebrations of success and encouragement towards growth.

Please read reports and connect with your children and with their teachers regarding any comments, questions or concerns you might have. We trust as you read reports that you can see your child is known and cared for at HDCH, and that we are invested as a community in working together with you to support their learning as it cultivates their character for lives of service to God.

Vaccination Reporting

Please note that, in accordance with the Immunization of School Pupils Act, Hamilton Public Health is required to keep up-to-date vaccination records for all students who attend schools in the City of Hamilton. As parents or guardians, it is your responsibility to communicate your child’s vaccine history to Hamilton Public Health. Details about what and how to report are on the Hamilton Public Health website. Any questions should be directed to Public Health.

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