Education Withness

Student Learning Conferences

Tomorrow night is our first round of Student Learning Conferences (SLC’s) for this semester. For a few years now we have been strongly encouraging students to come to these meetings with their parents and teachers:

  • so that they can participate in the conversation about and take ownership of their learning,
  • so that the partnership between home and school for the student’s growth and learning can be strengthened,
  • and so that we can do education with rather than to or for our students.

I hope these evenings (Oct 17 & Oct 22) will confirm for you that their teachers know and love your children. We don’t always get it right, of course, so hearing your insights into your child’s unique personality and gifts are always helpful.

We hope that each student will feel honoured and supported as they talk about their learning in each class, their struggles and successes, their frustrations and their joys. And we hope that you, the parents, will learn something about your child and the way the Spirit is calling them and working in them and through them in their learning at HDCH.

Duncan Todd, Principal
Hamilton District Christian High