Deeper In. Further Out.

As we walked into the milk room, there was an alert on the monitor – a cow is in heat. Our host, Janet explained that she had gotten the alert on her phone this morning and had called the AI (artificial insemination) technician to come. He had arrived just before our bus. Carrying a small cooler of liquid nitrogen keeping the carefully chosen bull semen viable, the tech got to work quickly. Though the actual procedure was very quick, the thought put into choosing the semen donor was not. Janet, a third-generation dairy farmer, handed out the large tri-fold catalogue to the students and showed them the dozens of genetic markers on all the bull semen that the company sells. From leg shape to colour, to percentage of daughters to immunity, she explained why she chose “Crushabull” for this particular heifer in heat.

Students watched the milking procedure and the technologies in place to keep the milk sterile and antibiotic-free. They also got a biochemistry lesson on animal feed. The ratio of nutrients in the cow diet is so specific that it is tested at a forensic lab!

In addition to being highly informative, the trip had a significant “adorable” factor as well as students played with a one-day old calf and a litter of new puppies. Our tour of Fennema Farms concluded with a glass of chocolate milk.

Students in Introductory Kinesiology visited McMaster University’s Human Performance Lab. Students learned about how the body’s energy systems work to perform activities of varying intensities. Every student in the class had the opportunity to perform one of the three fitness tests available in the lab. This experience will be extremely useful in the coming weeks as we explore metabolic activity pertaining to human movement.

Non-Food Food Drive
Today marks the middle of our Non-Food Food Drive Milk Campaign at HDCH. Our goal is to collect money to support the local Neighbour2Neighbour food program with enough money to provide milk to individuals and families in need in our area.

For every $1 dollar that we collect, Neighbour2Neighbour is able to purchase $9 in milk which means that our efforts go a long way. In fact, they are still providing milk from last year’s campaign and so we hope as a school to be able to donate enough money for another complete year of support.

Our goal is $5,000 and we have collected $3,350 to date

Every homeroom class is part of this school-wide goal as the Christians in Society Class collects the donations daily! We are so proud of so many homeroom classes who have already exceeded the average of $10/student and are encouraging every staff/student to donate to this outreach program! Thank you to everyone who is actively part of this campaign! Blessings from the WATCH group and Christians in Society Class

On Wednesday, October 9, 2019, my grade 10 English class spent our bridge day at Sam Lawrence Park. I think it’s safe to say that we all had a fun time. It was a nice, sunny day with an incredible view of downtown Hamilton and beyond. Our assignment was to take a picture of whatever we wanted and create a poem about it. We were given the opportunity to walk around and explore the park. The park wasn’t busy and the flowers were bright and colourful so it was a really great day to be able to work outside.

The new environment was very helpful with our poem writing; it made us appreciate our city and God’s Creation. I was able to find some quiet time to write which made it easier, since there was so much inspiration around me. It was a nice change to be able to work in an area that wasn’t school. Plus, I was able to spend a lot of time with my friends! ~ Caelin

My grade 10 English class visited Sam Lawrence Park and we were very lucky to have such beautiful weather. This was a great experience, one of both fun and creativity.  Our class was given the assignment of writing 14 lines of poetry inspired by a picture we were to take in the park. So we went off in small groups and had the opportunity to explore the landscape of Sam Lawrence.

The park was diverse and enriching, the perfect destination for our given task. After many laughs and searching for the perfect picture, we sat down and got to work, although it felt like fun. It was nice to create in an outdoor environment, offering a change of pace from the typical classroom setting.   The landscape of Sam Lawrence allowed creativity to come easily, and I felt motivated to convey the beauty of the park in words. I very much enjoyed this experience, and will definitely return in the future! ~ Anna May

Grade 9 MegaBloc students are working hard on their Sharing Beauty project. This semester, MegaBloc is partnering with the Royal Botanical Gardens to create benches for various places in the Arboretum. On October 15th, the class traveled to the Arboretum to meet with Jim Mack, head of horticulture for RBG to see the many different locations for benches and also how the landscape of the Arboretum can be factored into their design.

Student Leadership Day
On October 3rd, 43 students from HDCH traveled to Ancaster CRC to participate in our Student Leadership day. The drive behind the day was to invest in our student leaders, allowing students to reflect on how their gifts can be used as leaders. Likewise, students heard stories and strategies for how to be more effective leaders both at HDCH and in the community.

During the morning, Chris Wignall from the Catalyst foundation led students through an exercise where they reflected on actions they could take to be more effective in their respective areas of leadership.

During the afternoon, a panel consisting of our principal, Duncan Todd, our Vice-Principal, Sara Whetstone, and the president of Redeemer University-College, Dr. Bob Graham, shared their thoughts and insights about leading, and how their faith is integral to who they are as leaders. It was an incredible day, and we are excited to have more days like this in the future.

On Wednesday, October 9, the Grade 9 Boys Phys. Ed. class took a trip to Mohawk Park in Brantford to play on the disc golf course. This course is in a very nice wooded area and has a full 18-hole course. The weather that day was amazing, and it was very nice to spend the afternoon outside. The boys had a great time playing in teams of 3 or 4 and they got to know the course well. The winning teams even finished under par. Way to go boys. It was a fun day of disc golf!

PhysEd & ESL
The grade 10 girls Phys Ed and 2 ESL classes ventured out to treetop trekking in Binbrook. It was wet and rainy but that didn’t stop these students from the high ropes and ziplines. They conquered fears and doubts and learned how to maneuver through the different courses. The trip has been a highlight of the semester so far.

The Food & Nutrition classes had the opportunity to expand their knowledge about nutritious food and gardening skills during their Bridge Days to the Dundurn Castle Historic Garden.

The first Foods class had the opportunity to harvest different ‘historic’ varieties of vegetables, herbs & spices and flowers that included: heirloom tomatoes, pear tomatoes, leek, celery, hot peppers, squash, Jerusalem artichokes, eggplant, Swiss chard and a wide variety of flowers. This bounty of produce harvest was delivered to Neighbour2Neighbour en route back to HDCH!

The second Foods class experienced rain on their Bridge day but this provided the opportunity to learn more about the fall stages of a garden with the chance to shuck garlic to prepare to be planted this fall, harvesting lavender and catnip from the stem plant to be used in the castle and sold in their gift shop. Both groups received accolades of thanks from the Dundurn gardeners for their skill, ability and the results of their harvest!

Bridge days are such a blessing for our students to participate in opportunities like this in order to expand their knowledge and skills while garnering first-hand experience!