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Wardrobe Re-Sale ~  Oct 22th
During Student Learning Conference on Tuesday, October 22, our volunteer wardrobe team will be holding a resale. Drop by and see what gently-used items we have available!

After every resale, our wardrobe stock is significantly reduced. If you have clean HDCH wardrobe tops in good condition that your children no longer need, please bring them in. You can drop them off at the school office anytime, or even bring them in during Learning Conferences.

Thanks to our volunteers who make these sales possible. If you have an interest in joining this team, which sorts clothes and staff resales three times a year, please let us know. Thanks also to all of you who bring in clothes, for helping to keep wardrobe affordable for HDCH’s families, and for supporting the stewardly reuse of clothes in good condition.

Picture Re-Take Day ~ Oct 29th
On Tuesday, October 29th photographers will be at the school to take pictures of students that were absent on picture day.  Any student that is dissatisfied with their first picture may also get retakes on that day.
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