Student Services

Information Evening for Parents of Graduating Students
October 29th @ 7pm

Student Services is pleased to host the popular annual Information Evening for Parents of Graduating Students. This evening event is designed to help parents negotiate the sometimes confusing process of post-secondary planning and application. A sample of topics for the evening includes:

We’ll be as practical as possible at this event; we’ll get some hands-on experience with applications and we’ll talk about next steps.

This event is primarily designed for parents of this year’s graduates; we’ll be inviting grade 11 parents to a broader, “big-sky” planning conversation in the spring.

Parents of grade 12s – Please check your inboxes in the coming weeks for a special email invitation!

Liaison Visits

Student Services has arranges liaison visits. Continue to check the schedule here >>

Take our kids to Work Day ~ Nov 6th

One month until Take A Kid to Work Day.

Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019, is National Take Our Kids to Work day. As in the past few years, grade nine students are encouraged to spend the day “shadowing” their parents (or relatives or family friends) at their places of employment. This has been an amazing day for our grade nine students in past years, helping them to go “deeper in and further out.”

Grade nine classes will be canceled for that day so that students can make the most of this opportunity.

Next Friday, your son or daughter will bring home a consent form for participation in the day; please fill out the consent form (this will also available as a link on the EDSBY Student Services group) and return it to the main office.

If you would like more information, please check out the Learning Partnership website .