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Year-End Top Ten

It’s Canada’s Wonderland Day at HDCH. This is a day for our students to go and have a great time in the sun and just celebrate the school year. It has been a great year, and I love that we culminate it with a really fun trip like this.

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As we wrap up the year with a final week of exams, prom and graduation, we do so with deep gratitude to our God for our school and for the Christian learning that has been done.

In years past, we have ended the school year with a top ten list. This list is in David Letterman fashion. (Hopefully, this pop-cultural reference is still understood by everyone!) Before we share the highlights, know that this is not an exhaustive list. It is just a reminder of some of the awesome things that happened. I encourage you to take some time tonight and reflect with your child/ren and hear what their top 10 were for this year.

And so here is the Top Ten from the 2018/2019 School Year:

  1. Our opening assembly lead by our then Board Chair Allan Buist and his devotions about making right v. being right. It was a great set-up to our year on Belonging.
  2. The projects of HDCH Students
    • A playground project by our Venture Class that blessed the Calvin Christian School community with a new playground plan.
    • Our grade 9 Geography presentations to Brantford City Council about site planning and land usage.
    • The Collective Kitchen and the Water Walkathon with grade 11s.
    • The Sharing Beauty project with grade 9’s.
    • Our advanced woodworking class building a garage for someone in need.
    • The crew that renovated the HDCH Garage by the volleyball nets into change rooms and a tuck shop.
    • The list goes on and on.
  3. School culture around the theme of Belonging – We have an amazing school with incredible staff and students who fully engaged in the theme of Belonging this year. It was led by a great group of Student Council students who embraced and championed the theme.
  4. OFSAA – The Pinnacle of high school sports is OFSAA. And this year, like other years, we’ve sent a number of teams and individuals to this prestigious event. We also hosted Boys and Girls Soccer OFSAA. Here are some medals we won this year:
  5. Bronze Medal for Boys Volleyball
  6. Bronze Medal for Justin Sawyer in Snowboarding
  7. Mary Poppins was a hit: fun, exciting, funny and lots of incredible acting, singing and dancing.
  8. Our talent assembly – Once again, the talent on display was dazzling. Sophia Korz’s song truly amazed us all.
  9. Our Winter Residency (February PD Days) with Darryl DeBoer to learn and work with our Christian Worldview and the learning that happens at HDCH. It was a time to dig into the reason we are who we are here in Hamilton, a time for us to consider our Deep Hopes as a Christian School and translate these into learning in our classrooms.
  10. The Staff of HDCH – I want to draw our attention to the group of adults that makes HDCH amazing. Every staff member is committed to the vision of Christian Education, a vision that is rooted in the mission of cultivating character through learning for a life of service to God.

Thank you for a fantastic year. See you around.



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