Beyond the Classroom


On Friday, June 7 the grade 10 and 11 Music classes recorded summative and term songs at Grant Avenue Studio. It was awesome! The grade 11’s have been working on string instruments for only 5 weeks and have managed to secure a beautiful arrangement of Coldplay’s Viva la Vida.

They also recorded The Girl From Ipanema from an earlier jazz unit. The track was recorded with multiple takes. First we recorded vocals, drums, guitars, and piano. Then we recorded the clarinet, tenor sax, baritone, tuba, and trumpets.

To go with our folk song unit, the grade 10’s recorded a Celtic Star of the County Down with mandolin, guitars, piano, and djembe. Vocals to begin and end the track were recorded in groups of 6 singers at a time. Although the grade 10 class was prepared and willing to sing, their leadership student, Cal, taught the verse and chorus to the grade 11’s who happily joined in. The low bass you hear? That’s the honorable Noah Hook, a true young bass. And the foot stomps? This was authentically recorded by two students, too!

Listen to Viva la Vida:

Listen to The Girl From Ipanema:

Listen to: Celtic Star of the County Down:

OFSAA Soccer

Hosting an OFSAA Championships tournament takes a lot of people and a lot of work. Hosting two OFSAA Championships together? Yeah, it takes a lot of work too!

This past weekend our community hosted the OFSAA Girls and Boys A Soccer Championships in Hamilton. This means 40 teams and almost 900 guests in total. We used 8 soccer fields at two different locations: Heritage Green Sports Park and Caledonia Soccer Complex. Both venues proved to have beautiful pitches, and they were great hosts; it was a pleasure to work with them.

Although the weeks leading up to the weekend had been cold, wet and rainy, God sure smiled on us last weekend where the sunshine was plenty and it didn’t rain at all! It was truly gorgeous soccer weather. For that, we are very thankful.

We also used the field at HDCH for the quarterfinals, semifinals and Gold Medal Matches. We were able to stream the games that were played here and the students in charge did a fantastic job of covering the play with great video. A shout-out to Ian DeJonge as well who was a knowledgeable, informative, and entertaining commentator. Maybe a future career?

Our goal as a committee was to put the athletes first and try to make it a memorable experience for them. I am confident this happened. We received many kind words of thanks and gratitude for the organization of the tournament. I am very thankful for all the people that did so much work to put this the event together.

The volunteer students played a major role and showed HDCH hospitality as field hosts and First Aid helpers along with others who worked on the website and live streaming.

A special thanks to our committee who showed such expertise and willingness to do whatever it took to make this event a memorable one for the athletes: Cheryl Webb, Adrianne Sprogis, Tina VanDyk, Breanna Zandstra, Harry Blyleven, Eric Brink, Jared Patus, Sarah Veenstra, Carly Voortman and Owen Webb. Great job everyone!

Water Walk-a-thon

On Wednesday, May 22nd the Christians in Society Class and WATCH group hosted a 6 KM Water Walkathon for World Renew to raise awareness, support and empathy for the millions of individuals who walk to get water on a daily basis globally.

For all the rain we experienced in May, we were very blessed that afternoon as it was only overcast with a light sprinkling of rain at the very end of the walk. There were 125 HDCH students actively engaged in this outreach challenge, walking 3- 6 KM with buckets of water around our school campus! It was amazing to be a part of their energy, drive, and willingness to be a part of World Renew’s mission to “Change the Story” this year.

Each individual committed to the campaign by collecting donations to raise money to purchase hand-washing stations and family sized water filters for families in Nicaragua and Guatemala. It was a team approach with the Christians in Society class taking the initiative to organize the campaign with the support of WATCH. So many HDCH students contributed to the plans, set up, preparations, pathway and all the food that was provided for the walkers after they completed the walkathon.

The final details of the campaign are still underway as students have been continuing to bring in sponsor money for this global outreach campaign. At this point, we have already collected $3,825.00 for this campaign. Blessings & thanks to everyone who participated in our second 6 KM walkathon this year!