HDCH Spring

Leadership & Renewal

Dear Membership of Hamilton District Christian High School,

Spring is finally upon us and signs of growth and renewal are everywhere. The shoots of new life throughout the creation serve as a beautiful reminder of the new life we have been given through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. As the glory of Easter approaches, we pray that the entire HDCH community will powerfully encounter the grace of the Cross in new and profound ways.

We give thanks to the Lord for his work at HDCH. As we continue to explore new and innovative ways of providing Christ-centered education, we want to express gratitude to our teachers, support staff, and leadership team for their faithful efforts to contribute to the learning and faith-formation of our children.

There is no shortage of activity underway at the school right now; however, there are two items that we would like to update you on:

  1. Changes to HDCH’s Leadership Structure, and
  2. Campus Renewal.

Changes to the HDCH Leadership Structure

Recently, the Board approved a new leadership structure. The changes reflect a re-allocation of existing resources and do not reflect any new costs. Key considerations for moving to this new structure include:

  • the anticipation of future growth
  • provides a seamless succession plan
  • puts staff members in positions that align with their skills and gifts
  • keeps good people in the organization
  • reflects our strategic future
  • supports the achievement of our goals as laid out in our strategic plan

The change to the Leadership structure involves several significant changes to the leadership of HDCH.

Our current Principal, Nathan Siebenga, has decided to transition from the role of Principal and into a newly developed role, Executive of Innovation and Leadership. This is a part-time (50%) role that will focus on strategic initiatives as well as leadership development within HDCH. This includes leading capital projects, developing innovations for Christian Education, engaging in leadership development, and establishing partnerships that serve the mission and vision and HDCH.

The second significant change is the appointment of a new Principal. As the HDCH Board, it is our pleasure to announce the appointment of Duncan Todd as the new Principal of HDCH, effective September 1, 2019. Duncan has been Vice-Principal of HDCH since 2010 and in that role has formed strong relationships with staff, students, parents and members of the HDCH community, and has consistently demonstrated his commitment to HDCH’s vision of distinctive, Christ-centred education. Duncan’s character and leadership experience make him wonderfully suited to the role of Principal and we look forward to the HDCH community being blessed by his leadership.

As part of the reorganization, James Apers, our Director of Student Services, will join the school’s Leadership Team and a new position, Dean of Students, has been developed. We anticipate this position being appointed in the next couple of months. For many years, HDCH has worked to be proactive in building healthy, restorative relationships among its students and this will continue to be priority with James Apers on the leadership team and with the appointment of a Dean of Students. We are excited about continuing to deepen how we live together as a community of faith.

We are pleased to share these changes with you and covet your prayers for everyone involved. A diagram depicting the new structure is provided below, and will take effect in September.

Update on the HDCH Campus Renewal Conversations

As a board, we have continued to consider and discern, the campus renewal proposals brought forth by the Facilities Renewal Taskforce.

As you will recall, the membership requested the task force to examine and bring forth new building options in response to the increasing needs associated with our current building. These needs have been primarily driven by:

  • evolving space-related needs associated with teaching and learning priorities
  • significant repair and system replacement requirements in our existing building
  • anticipated enrollment growth starting in 2022 in response to growth occurring in many of the Christian elementary schools in the region
  • a desire that building renovations or construction minimize the disruption of the current cohort’s high school experience

At the fall 2018 membership meeting, a new building proposal was presented and discussed. At the May membership meeting, we plan to continue the conversation by providing more information on funding options associated with the project concept and addressing questions about the proposal.

Please be encouraged to attend and help inform the future of our school.

Thank you for your continued support of HDCH. Your prayers and gifts are so needed, and so appreciated.

Yours in Christ,
The Board of HDCH
Aaron Schat  | David Kingma | Annie MacLaren |  Ed Mafa | Andrea DeJong  | Allan Buist  | Trixie Zimmerman